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At Revelations Research we understand what “it” takes to make a project successful. Every space within Revelations Research Solutions was conceived by research professionals. This is truly evident by our “Technology Suite,” which merges multimedia with a Traditional Focus Group Atmosphere. The Technology Suite provides separate web access for each participant, remote client participation and observation, video conferencing and onscreen interaction between moderators and observers behind the glass.

Session Room

• The centerpiece of the 32′ x 18′ room is a large multimedia table with 11 recessed 24” computer screens for web-based discussion and immediate feedback for client viewing.

• For research requiring video/ Presentation capabilities, our tech suite comes standard with a large format, ceiling-mounted HD projection system with built-in speakers, controlled from the moderator station.

• The session room has one hidden, ceiling-mounted omnidirectional microphone, two fixed wall cameras and a HD center-mount pan/tilt/zoom camera as the room’s main camera.

• Floor- to- Ceiling glass for unobstructed view.

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