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 Does Revelations Research Solutions provides bi-lingual interpretation, interviewers or recruiters?

Revelations currently provides options for both recruitment and focus group moderation with Spanish-speaking groups.


Will Revelations recruit groups in markets outside the Midwest?

Revelations regularly provides recruitment and all fulfillment services for nearly any market in the U.S.


Where can I find directions to Revelations?

Click Here.


Does Revelations offer web streaming?

Revelations offers custom web streaming for remote observation of focus group discussions. We also offer complementary high-speed wireless access throughout our facility.


Can Revelations help me decide what type of research my company needs?

Our expertise in applied research can help you clarify whether your research needs require developing primary research of if answers can be found in secondary research resources and what research design would best achieve the goals set forth in your project.


What is the difference between primary and secondary research?

Primary research refers to original or custom research – gathering information from original sources. Primary research typically involves putting a customized approach and survey together to gather information for a specific need or marketing challenge. It is usually proprietary to a client and not made available to the marketplace.


Secondary research involves the compiling of information from existing or secondary sources. These sources can be internal or external. Internal might be your customer databases, historical files, etc. External would involve searches for published information. Typical sources include newspapers, trade publications, associations, industry reports and the Internet.

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