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Take your research to the next level 

At Revelations Research We Understand What “it” Takes to Make a Project Successful. Every space within Revelations Research Solutions was conceived by research professionals from our large focus group and observation rooms to our residential inspired test kitchen, everything was modeled to meet the unique demands of today’s research. We understand what it takes to make a project successful and have the best resources and experienced staff to make it happen.


High-Quality Recruitment

At the heart of our research center is the mission to maintain a focus on superior consultation and customer service while delivering a state-of-the-art research experience for our clients and our research participants. Revelations Research is committed to privacy and confidentiality for every person and each project that comes through our doors.


Dedicated Project Management

From start to finish, all aspects of your project at revelations are managed by experienced research professionals who understand your requirements, methodology and goals. You may also rely on us to add perspective to your research plan.

A State-of-the-Art Research Center

Revelations offers unparalleled flexibility to meet the demands of focus groups and one-on-one interviewing. Our facility may be customized according to your research needs. Technological capabilities include live focus group streaming, web-based project management suites, on-premises wireless networking and more.

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