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Create custom Lifestyle environments with our “Lifestyle Suite.” When your research demands real-life environments, Revelations’ has to offer our three-room Lifestyle Suite. With a highly adaptable session room at its center, we can accommodate your specifications. Double-wide doors and hallways allow for most equipment, props, set dressings and displays to be utilized to their fullest.


Session Room

• The 33’ x 20’ session room can be adapted to any research design or floor plan required by the method of research, including classroom, courtroom, living room or theatre seating.

• Seating for up to 50 Participants

• Room temperature is controlled by the moderator.

• Floor-to-ceiling, one-way, glass provides everyone watching from the observation room an unobstructed panoramic view of the session.

• The session room features two stationary cameras and a HD center-mount pan/tilt/zoom camera standard. Audio is recorded by a single omnidirectional ceiling microphone.

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